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LILYCUTE Nail Gel Set 6W Quick Extension Nail Tool Kit

LILYCUTE Nail Gel Set 6W Quick Extension Nail Tool Kit

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Fun! Creative! Beauty!

Total Flex: Whether you're aiming for that sleek, minimalist look or full-on glam nails, this kit's got you covered. Nail any vibe you're feeling, from chic French tips to next-level nail art that pops on your Instagram feed.

Everything You Need, All in One: Say goodbye to endless salon appointments. This kit is your new BFF, packed with a rainbow of gel colors, those essential base and top coats for the perfect gloss, and tools that make application a breeze. Plus, nail forms that fit just right. It’s basically a nail salon in a box.

Stays Flawless, Feels Light: Keep your nails looking on-point for up to three weeks. Yes, you heard that right. This poly nail gel is like the little black dress of nail formulas—classic, durable, and absolutely resistant to those annoying chips and smudges.

DIY, But Make It Easy: Whether you're a nail art newbie or practically a pro, this set makes getting that perfect mani-pedi at home totally doable. And when are you ready for a change? Removing it is just as effortless. Your nails are your rules.

Kind to Your Nails: We’re talking a formula so clean, it might as well be green juice for your nails. Free from harsh chemicals and bad vibes, it’s all about keeping things light, airy, and absolutely non-toxic.

Pro Tools, But Make It Fashion: These tools aren’t just about getting the job done. They’re about doing it with style. Precision brushes, durable nail forms—they're the chic essentials you need for nails that stand out.

Gloss Like No Other: Imagine the shine of your dreams, then make it real. The top coat in this set isn’t just a finish; it’s the crowning jewel that seals your art with a shine so bright, it’s practically a spotlight.

Eco is the New Chic because caring for the planet is always in style. Packaged with love in recycled materials, this set is about looking good while doing good. It’s beauty with a conscience, and totally Kendall-approved.

This Poly Nail Gel Set is more than just nail care; it’s a statement. It’s for the young, the restless, and the bold. For those who live for the perfect selfie, value their time, and never compromise on looking absolutely flawless,. Dive in; the glam is fine.

Color:As show in the pictures
Package Content:
As show in the pictures

brand new and high quality
Suitable for UV gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails, etc.
Durable shiny coat helps strengthen nails
Suitable for professional and personal use

How to use our gel polish?
1. Gently file the nail surface
2. Apply a very thin layer of base gel and cure under UV/LED lights.
3. Choose an appropriate shape and size of false nail tips.
4. Apply Nail Gel On the nail mold, use a nail pen and slip solution to smooth the gel.
5. Paste it on your real nail and make sure it is completely stuck, then cure under UV/LED light.
6. Remove the false nail tip, Use a nail clipper to cut out the length you want and use nail file to repair the desired shape.
7. Apply top coat and cure under UV/LED light.


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